How I can help

I will work with you in a way that honours your unique needs and personal values. We will work together to unpack current challenges and explore solutions to promote and further develop fulfilling ways of engaging. There are common challenges that can be successsfully addressed in counselling:

* Developing skillls in self-compassion can improve self-esteem and confidence

*Needing help with relationships, wanting to create heatlhy boundaries

*Working on how to express your emotions in a healthier way

*Experiencing loss or needing support with grief

*Stress management

*Having difficulties in your parenting role of a child, teenager or adult child

*Feeling uncertain about changes at work



Creating change in our lives is a highly individual process and we will work together to determin the best approach. I draw upon a variety of evidence-based therapies to explore beliefs, emotions and behaviours that can be inhibiting you from achieving your goals.  Some approaches may include:

*Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

*Interpersonal Therapy

*Family Therapy

*Client-focussed, strengths-based approach

*Relaxation techniques

*Schema Therapy

*Voice Dialogue